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Single Motor Robot Challenge

5 Days to go! 5 Complete Entries! Good luck everyone!



Time for a new challenge!

This time around, the handicap will be building your robot with a single motor (or servo, muscle wire, coil, solenoid, or other actuator).

But wait, that's not all! It also has to be able to locate something (a light source, magnet, dark spot on the ground, etc.) of your choosing, and move to that location.

This is something that has been done before, usually with interesting mechanical solutions, but there are many ways to go about tackling this problem. I look forward to seeing fellow LMRians' solutions to this challenge.

Good Luck!



Tenative & Complete Entries:

LMRianRobot NameRobot Project PageComplete entry?
robodude95The WigglerLINKX
AndyGadget BootsLINK
carloroosen bugLINK




1. The robot shall have only one actuator.

2. The robot shall be mobile and not fixed to anything.

3. The robot shall seek out something it it's area. Such as a light, a magnet, a mark on the ground, a ball, or whatever you choose.

4. The robot's operating area must be level.

5. The robot's mechanics (beyond the actuator) have to be built by you, no reusing old toys on this challenge, although you can replicate the design of a toy that you think would work.

6. Video must be provided showing the robot locating it's target, and a second video with the robot starting from another location to show it's ability or inability to move left or right.

7. One entry per LMR member.

Challenge Ends:

End of the day GMT September 20, 2014 



Robots will be judged based on it's ability to locate it's chosen target.

Can it turn left, right and go straight, or only left and straight? The higher score going to the most mobile.

Bonus points will be given for a walking robot.  Edit: Anything that is ingenuitive and solves this by novel solutions will be judged appropriately.

Aesthetics will also be taken into account, are there wires everywhere or is it neat and tidy?


Prizes (in US dollars):

1st Place: $60 gift certificate to an electronics/robot shop of your choosing

2nd Place: $40 gift certificate to an electronics/robot shop of your choosing

3rd Place: $20 gift certificate to an electronics/robot shop of your choosing


To Enter the Challenge:

Create a robot project page on LMR (or on a personal blog) then paste a link to it in a comment on this page. Included in your page should be pictures and as much information as you can in regards to your robot's method of locomotion, sensors, and what it's target is. Please provide a video of your robot in action locating your chosen target.


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I started my build only two weeks ago (http://letsmakerobots.com/robot/project/bug), and my project is WAY too ambitious for a first robot. Currently my robot crawls (sort of), but it needs at least 2 other segments to make it walk as designed. I still need to program it. And I am a bit stuck with the steering mechanism, I am not sure if it will work at all. So I decided I will slow down a bit.

In other words, I am withdrawing from this challenge. Thanks Yahmez for organizing this, it was fun to try anyway !!!


by family circumstances I have unfortunately less time than I thought. I'm not sure if I can get him ready on time. Will do what I can tough.

My robot is complete. thanx

Ah, what does the X on the complete entry tab mean? Does it mean complete? Asking as X generally means No. Though here it seems Yes. Thanks for updating the post Yahmez.


Yes X means complete. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks for the entry! =)

Here is my entry. 


Please have a look. Thank you.

Hi, just want to let you all know that I'm halfway my build now. My creature is walking now so that's cool, but that's all about it. Still have to add sensors and the fact that this is my first actual arduino robot is not really helping. Lol. The C language looks a bit odd to me compared to the basic language I'm used to. There are still 3 weeks left from now, so I'm sure it will be stomping around just on time to join this challenge.


I'm also looking towards to the other entry's build by you that are still in progress. Good luck!

I'm almost done with my entry ! Right now I'm just waiting for my arduino as it's being shipped right now and should arrive in a few days. So excited !

I have gotten RG2 to follow a line so he's a real robot now.

thanks for good challenge