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Single Motor Robot Challenge

Well I really have to thank everyone that built bots for the challenge. It was very interesting to see the different takes on the one motor theme. From simple to complex, they were all pretty amazing in their own way. You should all be proud of your successes. Thanks for all the effort you all put forth, and being part of the great community here.



Judging this was tough, to say the least. Building a one motor bot seems to be quite a challenge but we have seen it need not be, some of the simplest were the most adept. Most were quite capabile bots that all could find their targets well. Success! Thanks again everyone!


1st: Armora by dhirajja

2nd: Bouybot by KIDBOT

3rd: The Wiggler by robodude95


Send me an email about your prize... I'm not sure if the email here is working, so get ahold of me @ curbwax(at)hotmail(dot)com


July 20, 2014:


Time for a new challenge!

This time around, the handicap will be building your robot with a single motor (or servo, muscle wire, coil, solenoid, or other actuator).

But wait, that's not all! It also has to be able to locate something (a light source, magnet, dark spot on the ground, etc.) of your choosing, and move to that location.

This is something that has been done before, usually with interesting mechanical solutions, but there are many ways to go about tackling this problem. I look forward to seeing fellow LMRians' solutions to this challenge.

Good Luck!



Tenative & Complete Entries:

LMRianRobot NameRobot Project PageComplete entry?
robodude95The WigglerLINKX
AndyGadget BootsLINK
carloroosen bugLINK




1. The robot shall have only one actuator.

2. The robot shall be mobile and not fixed to anything.

3. The robot shall seek out something it it's area. Such as a light, a magnet, a mark on the ground, a ball, or whatever you choose.

4. The robot's operating area must be level.

5. The robot's mechanics (beyond the actuator) have to be built by you, no reusing old toys on this challenge, although you can replicate the design of a toy that you think would work.

6. Video must be provided showing the robot locating it's target, and a second video with the robot starting from another location to show it's ability or inability to move left or right.

7. One entry per LMR member.

Challenge Ends:

End of the day GMT September 20, 2014 



Robots will be judged based on it's ability to locate it's chosen target.

Can it turn left, right and go straight, or only left and straight? The higher score going to the most mobile.

Bonus points will be given for a walking robot.  Edit: Anything that is ingenuitive and solves this by novel solutions will be judged appropriately.

Aesthetics will also be taken into account, are there wires everywhere or is it neat and tidy?


Prizes (in US dollars):

1st Place: $60 gift certificate to an electronics/robot shop of your choosing

2nd Place: $40 gift certificate to an electronics/robot shop of your choosing

3rd Place: $20 gift certificate to an electronics/robot shop of your choosing


To Enter the Challenge:

Create a robot project page on LMR (or on a personal blog) then paste a link to it in a comment on this page. Included in your page should be pictures and as much information as you can in regards to your robot's method of locomotion, sensors, and what it's target is. Please provide a video of your robot in action locating your chosen target.


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I just joined LMR. Anyway I will make it soon.

Awesome! I hope you do build a single motor bot!

Congrats to the winners. Well done. I did not have time to finish my entry but I am sure the outcome would not be different :-)

I suggest you guys grab the winner prize and build something even more awesome. 

Congrats to the winners... though I was actually rooting for Dipanjan's lady bug :)

BTW that robot in the foto in the topic description is a beauty. Who made that one?

I had a real tough time deciding... I also really liked Dipanjan's lady bug.

The one motor walker in the description is my bot. You can find it here.

I'm still tweaking it, I need to redo the rear legs.

Congratulations to all roboticists who created entries for this challenge. I saw solutions that I would never imagine with only a single motor. Amazing challenge!

All winners, congratulations! And Yahmez, thanks again for organizing this, I liked it very much.

     First of all, I would like to extend my greatest thanks to you. You provided a truly unique challenge that was worthwhile, even without the prize. The theme of coming up with a unique and mobile robot using a single actuator provided an enjoyable problem to design and build for, making this a pleasure to complete. I am happy that after a servo breakdown resulting in me having to do a nearly complete rebuild, I was able to submit BuoyBot successfully. Once again, thank you.

     Sincerely, Kidbot

You are most welcome. Thank you for taking up the challenge and sticking it out in the face of adversity! 

Your lifelike bouybot it really very nice. Thank you Sir!

It may have been a few hours late, but the video that is required for the competition has been uploaded, and some explainatory videos are still being uploaded to Vimeo, and it takes a long time.