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555 Timer Light Seeking Robot

Light Seeking

Alright so this is my first robot that can actually do something other than moving forward that doesn't require an arduino. all you pretty much need is : 2 555 timers, 2 photo resistors, 4 10k ohm resistors, 2 geared motors, a bunch of jumper wires, etc...

So since this my first robot without an arduino to program it, its the best robot out there BUT it certainly gets the job done. Hope you enjoy and please if have any advice to give me pease right it down in the comments please...

okay anyways this robot is actually very cheap because it only requires a few parts and all the parts can be found in most electronic stores. here's where i got mine : http://abra-electronics.com/ 

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Great job lil dude :)

Nice video tutorial and nice little robot. I am loving the 555 and there are countless applications for that awesome chip. Yours is one I did before too, as well a 555 solar enging.

Now a advise for the video. Seeing you headless is not the best solution. Either you show pictures or clips of what you are talking about (i understand that not everybody wants to show his/her face in the internet) or you show your face too. 

I like to see the simple bots that go back to the basics.

The original turtles back in the 1950s, I think, were sort of built this way except with vacuum tubes. By changing a few wires he could change the behavior of his robots from light seeking to light avoidance, which was considered a huge innovation back then. So you are following in the footsteps of innovators!

I second the request for a schematic and video!

good work.  It would be nice to see a schematic and explanation how it works.  And maybe add some build details.

Alright ! Thank you ! Will do that. Thank you very much for the advice.